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Sex Toy or Not a Sex Toy – An Unimportant Question

Written By: admin - Nov• 09•14
vibrators and sex toys ireland

vibrators and sex toys ireland

The line that defines sex toys is a difficult one. Many people like to argue that if something is specifically made for spicing up a sex life, then it can be called a sex toy. Others believe that anything, regardless of shape, color or texture can be labeled as a sex toy the moment it starts to play a part in the bedroom. Luckily it’s a debate that won’t really have much effect on the sex toys universe. It’s going to keep expanding until anything you need is available. For this article we look at the items on which this debate is based.


In modern times people call it lube and it started as an aid rather than an enhancement. The first use of lube was to replace natural lubrication typically situated in the female sexual organ. The latter sounds very technical, but it’s the best way to say it and sometimes women have trouble in that area. Men fear erectile dysfunction problems and women fear vaginal dryness. This problem gave rise to lube hitting the market and it goes without saying that nobody is moaning. There is water and oil based lube, but water based is the safest no matter what the occasion. Oil can have some side-effects which aren’t always pleasant.

As the years progressed lube became more creative. Different flavors and scents joined the ranks, taking the lube movement to another level. For some couples sex always has to include lube simply because it makes the experience so much better. It really opened the doors for safer anal sex among other things. The best lubes are those that last for a long time, but that’s as far as “best” elements because some tingle, some slightly burn while others just smell amazing. If tester bottles are available then get some before making a decision.

Kinky Clothing

It’s strange that people actually debate whether kinky clothes can fall into the sex toys department. The real question should be why not? Just because it doesn’t simply focus on the genital area doesn’t mean it’s not effective. It creates visual stimulation along with physical contact arousal, making it one of the most effective sex toys available. Nobody really knows when the fetish for certain fabrics and looks occurred, but there is no denying its popularity.

Kinky clothes have come a long way since nurse and schoolgirl outfits. Now you get dominatrix leather in addition to very stylish lingerie. In fact, kinky clothes aren’t nearly as cheesy as it used to be. Role-playing is fun, especially when you are dressed for the part.

Food and Aphrodisiacs

Tasty treats in the bedroom might not sit well with everyone, but there is a relatively large market. Several sex and lingerie shops have a special section just for edible sex toys, which ultimately makes food part of the sex toys family. It started with giving chocolates on Valentine’s Day as a symbol of affection and ended with melted chocolate getting licked off naked bodies. In all fairness, food is probably the one sex toy people didn’t anticipate. Using whipped cream and strawberries probably started as a joke, but ended in manufacturers focusing on food for the sex market. This is also the reason why people consider it a sex toy.

Whether you have a sweet, sour or salty tooth, you are bound to find something that can be shared with your partner and causes arousal. The food itself might not have anything to do with physical stimulation, but it helps the mind to reach that point much quicker. Some couples believe food can serve as an aphrodisiac, although scientifically speaking it cannot be proved. The Greeks held on to the belief that specific drinks and food can make sex more pleasurable and nobody can truly prove them wrong either.


Sex is a fun activity, especially if strange little sex toys are being incorporated and it shouldn’t be studied too deeply. We are bound by primal instincts and everyone has their own button that launches their pleasure missile somewhat higher than usual. If you consider clothes, food and lubricant as sex toys then it’s your right. If you don’t believe they fall in the same category it’s your right too. In the end it doesn’t really matter as long as you enjoy the ride.

The Popularity Of Buying Sex Toys Online

Written By: admin - Mar• 03•14

It goes without saying that the introduction of male sex toys such as the Fleshlight or vibrator in any relationship will help to open the doors to new levels of pleasure and intimacy. While the use of sex toys may offer couples a way to grow closer, they also provide great satisfaction to singles who finds themselves craving a little extra attention. Although these toys are readily available in adult-oriented retail shops, shopping online has become increasingly popular.

sex toys

Shopping for adult novelties online has created a new breed of customer that may have never existed otherwise. While individual reasons for online purchases may be unique, they generally fall into two distinct categories. Generally speaking, either customers simply don’t have easy access to adult toy stores, or they’re uncomfortable sharing their interest with friends and neighbors.

Although the phrase “discretely delivered in a plain brown package” is a common source of comic relief, people who shop for male┬ásex toys online take their personal privacy very seriously. Not only are adult toys delivered in nondescript packages, but credit card purchases are often disguised by using generic company names and vague product descriptions. This is not meant to make customers feel as if they’re doing something wrong. On the contrary, it’s meant to make adventurous adults feel more comfortable with the process. Sex toys are a tremendous source of pleasure, there is certainly no reason to make shopping for them an unpleasant experience.

As more and more people discover the benefits of male sex toys, it makes sense that they’re seeking more variety and a greater selection. ┬áJust as the vibrator is well known to be the most popular toy for women, the Fleshlight has quickly become the most popular male sex toy. No matter how simple, or extreme your sexual appetite might be, shopping for adult novelties online opens the doors to endless possibilities.

Like any other product with a healthy demand, not all customers have easy access to physical store fronts. When people can sit comfortably in front of their computer and order sex toys, it’s not only more convenient but it encourages shoppers to be a bit more adventurous, since there are no prying eyes looking over their shoulder.

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